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Goodbye Dubai… but, we will be back!
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One of our favourite things to do are overseas trips developed by clients. These trips give us the opportunity to spend time with our clients outside of the office and that allows us to talk more strategically about how we can do more together. On these trips we work very hard to understand all the…

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CES 2018: the good, the bad and the ugly!
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It’s 2018 and I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. After a very busy peak period for all of us at Twenty5Eight, the Christmas break was well needed. However just as the decorations were going back up in the loft, another monster week was hurtling towards us. The biggest consumer electronics…

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No sleepy retailers in Seattle
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Once again, as our client base diversifies across product category and geographical regions, we found ourselves checking out the health and wellbeing retail channel over in the US. As consumer technology continues to cross over into other consumer product sectors, we are really excited about the opportunities that we have in outdoor, health and wellness.…

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Something for the Weekend
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Welcome to your monthly edition of Something for the Weekend! You’d be hard pressed not to see people on your daily commute to work that aren’t wearing a pair of headphones or ear buds. Creating our own habitable zones where we can zone out, get psyched up or just block out the humdrum of the…

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Liam Gallagher in China, with Twenty5Eight to follow…
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Once again we headed off to visit clients and colleagues in China this week. We had a number of objectives for the trip which included spending some time looking into how to expand our UK services to our partners in the Chinese market. This entailed spending lots of time in shopping malls and understanding the…

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