It’s all about the team
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We couldn’t resist doing a blog about the mad event that Neil, our joint MD, did on Sunday. As most people have seen, there are a growing group of crazy runs in the countryside that push people to their limits, all in the name of good causes and Neil and some friends decided that they…

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Navigating the digital switch over with Nextbase
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Following in the footsteps of television’s digital switchover in 2012, the UK is anticipating the next change: radio entertainment, with analogue platforms due to be switching to digital. When this inevitably takes place, those looking to listen to digital radio without the necessary capabilities will need an adapter – a device that can pick up…

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Getting to know Team Twenty5Eight
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Here at Twenty5Eight, we feel strongly that a good idea is nothing without a great team! We’re proud of the people behind the scenes and we think it’s important that you get to know them, nearly as well as we do. So, take some time out and get to know team Twenty5Eight; meet Emily Wells, Field…

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On brand with 1 in a 32 million long shot
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Wow, what a week that was! 11 partner meetings, 4 factory visits, 3 meetings with global brands plus 2 trade shows, all added to an average calorie consumption of around 20,000 per day, we are totally bushed. Oh and I almost forgot the small matter of us opening our first overseas branch office too! We…

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