CES 2018: the good, the bad and the ugly!
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It’s 2018 and I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. After a very busy peak period for all of us at Twenty5Eight, the Christmas break was well needed. However just as the decorations were going back up in the loft, another monster week was hurtling towards us. The biggest consumer electronics…

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Over £20,000,000 of sales and we didn’t even know it!
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In so many board rooms over the years I have heard this phrase “forget all that fluffy stuff, it’s all about the numbers!” We all know the fluffy stuff being referred to is the softer side of business such as marketing, people and strategy but, it inevitably all gets pulled back to a suite of…

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A little thanks goes a long way
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During the Summer, you may have read our blog on why we invest in training for our field team and why one of our key priorities is making sure that our brand ambassadors, product trainers and demonstrators feel valued-  http://www.twenty5eight.co.uk/investing-in-people/ We like to keep our team motivated and inspire them to perform well and positively…

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Hitting the sweet spot!
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So we hear all the time that the future is all about taking people out of the food chain when getting products to the consumer, and in some cases we would agree with that. However, we are still huge fans of the traditional model of brands supplying retailers via distribution and everyone in the chain…

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Here’s to a healthy future for Twenty5Eight
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Over the last 5 years, the health and wellness sector has seen a huge rise in demand from consumers and as creating a balanced lifestyle becomes increasingly important to millions of people across the globe, the sector is continuing to see massive growth. Health is slowly but, surely finding a way into most consumers shopping…

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